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10 Jan

Chained yaoi dude getting anally banged by a horny gay

Sometimes you think you want a warm meal when what you really want is your coworkers cock shoved down your throat. At least, that’s what this sexy gay hentai waiter wants at his job, and when he comes in on his day off to find his favorite coworker is closing, he jumps at the opportunity to stay with him until the end, hoping he can suck his cock later. The two share a drink before they find themselves rolling around on the floor kissing aggressively and rubbing one another all over through their clothes. After turning off the open sign and taking off their clothes they share a tender moment under a table in this sexy gay hentai gallery.

30 Dec

Short haired hentai bitch getting facialized outdoors

Outside under the sun these two gay Hentai athletes get naked and start playing with each others balls as they get each other rock hard. They then start sucking each other off taking their hard cocks in their mouths as they get more serious under the sun. Things heat up even more as the dark haired stud starts stroking himself off while sucking on his pale white loves cock and gets himself to blow his load at the same time that his mouth fills up with cum from his pale lover. The other gay General is enjoying his beer as he makes one of his soldiers stroke his cock off as he enjoys his drink and gets all the pleasure without having to return the favor.

20 Dec

Brunette anime gay pounded in the bathroom

These two gay Hentai studs are working outside for the utility company installing new power lines for a remote area that needs power. They find themselves completely alone and isolated from the rest of the world and soon the over whelming urge to fuck as they look at each other in the bright sun. They start out with some kinky foreplay but the only thing they can find to use as a dildo is a banana out of their lunch box so the muscular stud has the other bend over in front of him as he works the banana like a pro and teases his tight asshole with the fresh fruit. He then takes off his pants and takes out his rock hard cock and gets it ready to slide it into the tight asshole.

10 Dec

Seductive yaoi stud riding anally a gigantic penis

These two gay Hentai studs have fled to the comfort of the forest to finally be able to truly love one another the way that they want to because of their friends constantly interfering with their relationship. Once alone these two studs get naked and their cocks get hard and before long they are fucking each other outside in the wild with the sun shining down on their naked bodies as they show each other their true passion. These other two Hentai studs are at the local mall and have found a quiet corner as they get naked and touch and caress each other until they start fucking.

30 Nov

Attractive yaoi stud getting anally humped doggy style outdoors

This muscular green alien has landed on our planet and is ready for a tight asshole after a long flight from his home planet. He quickly finds a gay Hentai stud with dark hair, muscles and a tight asshole. He throws him down on the ground and rips off his clothes and pins him to the ground as he lines himself up behind him. He then rams his hard green dick deep into his tight asshole and fucks him hard and passionately and blows his built up load deep in his tight asshole in a moment of pure pleasure for both of these horny gay studs.

20 Nov

Tied yaoi stud getting monster cock teased by a blonde gay

As this brown haired athlete is attempting to cool down with his ass exposed. But after his work out session he finds himself bombarded by a fury of pink hair, lips and a large cock rubbing up against him. He turns around and pushes his seducer off for a better look, before realizing it’s his very own work out partner. He is pushed to the ground on to all fours as his partner rams his long hard cock in to his tight ass hole, making him scream with more pain than he has ever felt before. As he was fucked harder and harder he begins to like it more and more and soon they are screaming and moaning in orgasmic unison.

10 Nov

Petite anime boy slurping a monster cock

This sexy red haired Hentai stud is in the shower when his roommate comes home from work and enters the bathroom not knowing that it was being used. Once he pulls his cock out to take a piss his roommate in the shower cannot contain himself anymore and pulls him into the shower and bends him forward and fucks him hard and fast. As first the roommate resists the action but once he feels the hard cock slide deep inside of him he gave into the pleasure and gets fucked hard in the ass as the hot water of the shower flows over his body.

30 Oct

Skinny yaoi dude getting anally hammered by a massive shaft

These two Gay Hentai studs are taking the next step in their relationship as they take a gay cruise and when they have some time alone they quickly drop their pants and get busy on the deck of the boat. The one man bends forward and takes his lovers hard cock deep inside of his tight asshole hard and fast until they both cum into the ocean. Once the boat has docked the other gay Hentai couple takes some time alone on a beach and slowly take off their clothes and make love to one another until they both explode in each other.

20 Oct

Handsome blonde yaoi hunk jumping anally a fat prick outdoors

After a business meeting, the gay hentai with the red blazer and the guy with the afro sneaked off to a secluded place in the office to engage in some real negotiating tactics. Red blazer begins talking dirty, seeing how wild he can drive his lover before the man with the afro can’t help but engulf his partner’s cock in his mouth. He weaves a hot story about the gay hentai in the ‘fro’s favorite characters, two insanely well-muscled men sucking each other off in an abandoned building, their bodies shining, their hairless cocks glistening with each others saliva and their own sticky white seed.

12 Oct

Horny yaoi guys fucking their asses outdoors

This sexy gay Hentai stud with blonde hair is slamming his hard cock in his lovers tight asshole outside on the sidewalk as the two of them are fucking with wild abandon. These two have been separated for the last month because of a job and the moment that they saw each other at the airport they knew that they would not be able to wait until they got home to start the hardcore fucking session that has been building up for the last month that they were apart. The other gay Hentai stud is on a roll as he is in the middle of a threesome with two handsome, horny and well hung studs.

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